About the Founder

Hi everyone, my name is Kim from kimmy lash! I’m a nail tech and also a lash tech .I also love getting lash extension for myself so I understand what you are looking for in quality lashes for your clients.
 When I was lash training, I found out that making fans is one of the most difficult techniques. I know a lot of new lash artists out there have similar difficulties too. On top of that, the time it takes to complete the set also adds extra stress for lash artist. 

To make lashing easier, I searched for the perfect Promade fans that are light weight, have small base with a more natural look with less shiny and more matte color. During COVID, I was stranded in Vietnam and was able to visit small lash workshops, where groups of local women make lashes. At the same time, I was ordering a lot of lash fans from different places and also connect with lash artists over thereto source the best lashes. So here I am bringing here , the best lashes available, with hope that my lashes can help lash artists out there create the flawless, high quality set you have been looking for and save time for both the lash artist and client .

  • Our Mission

    An important part of being a successful lash artist is trying new products to find the ones that works for you. My name is Kim from KimmyLash, and we want to be you lash supplier of choice. Every lash artist has a different style, and each style requires the correct lashes to fit that style. As for me and my lash studio, after trying over 15 suppliers over the years, I have found that promade lashes that soft, with small base and matte finish are my preference - so these are the lash type I sell. Speed up your lash time with quality lashes that will look great and last! Your customers will be happy and compliment your lashes for being light weight with lasting beauty. Your clients will feel beautiful and your business will grow through word-of-mouth. 


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