What are promade fans?

Promade fans are fans that are hand-made using a technique called crystallization. Many lash artists purchase these to help speed up the application process.

Why you need our Promade fans?

Promade fans are the future of volume lashing. You don't have to waste your time building fans, risking glue rising, or rogue lashes splitting. Your volume lash application will be significantly shorter with Promade fans. Kimmy Lashes are lightweight, small diameter with matte finish. Now you can do volume lashes faster, fuller and perfectly every time. The wait is
Our Promade fans have a small base - light weight - matte finish.
Small base: our Promade fans are small base guaranteed, to help the fans blend in perfectly with natural lash.
Light weight : regardless of the diameter (varies between 0.07mm or 0.03mm depending on type), our Promade fans are light weight on the eyelid and very comfortable for your clients.
Matte: Everyone hates plastics shiny cheap lashes of our competition. Our Promade fans are made with PBT fibers and are dark and matte! As close to natural lashes as possible.

What different between premade and Promade fans?

The difference between the two is that Promade fans are 100% handcrafted, but PreMade fans are machine-made. Normally, premade fans have a larger base and they all look the same due to machine manufacturing. On the other hand, Promade fans will definitely have a smaller base, are softer, and have more personality. By using Promade Lashes, artists can create flawless lash sets faster and more consistently.

How many types of Promade fans does Kimmy Lash Supply offer?

Our products range from 5d to 15d, and offer diameters from 0.07 to 0.03, shipped in either single length or mix boxes with 500 or 1000 fans/box (depending on type)
Additionally, we also offer YY lashes (2d), W lashes (5d) and wispy spikes.

what are your lashes made out from?

All of our lashes are 100% Cruelty free and made from high quality synthetic PBT fibers.

What is the retention for Promade fans ?

Properly applied, Promade sets will last 3-4 weeks. When it comes to Promade fans, application and glue dipping are key to long lasting retention.
For a newbie, it will take sometimes to get used to Promade fans, but once you have the hang of it your customers will keep coming back for the amazing retention your lashes have!